Arithmagicians is a highly effective tool for improving pupils' rapid recall of key mathematical facts, making it an ideal next step for students who have already mastered their times tables. With 30 focused mental arithmetic objectives covering a range of topics, pupils can both learn and practice essential skills. 

By utilising Arithmagicians, students can eliminate their dependence on written strategies for solving problems that can and should be solved mentally. Instead, students develop a higher level of arithmetic proficiency that enables them to identify and accurately apply mental arithmetic techniques. 

In the KS2 Arithmetic Paper, over half of the questions require mental calculation. However, pupils frequently use written methods, leading to incomplete papers and lower scores. Arithmagicians presents questions in the format of the KS2 SATs Arithmetic Paper, promoting familiarity and speed for the actual exam.

Daily practice is essential to improving mental arithmetic skills, but it can be dull. Arithmagicians addresses this by transforming repetitive practice into a game. Through self-competition, students strive to enhance their performance and increase their Arithmagician status. Additionally, playing the online version earns students coins and badges. 

Arithmagicians' online version offers teachers a gap analysis at both class and individual levels to support pupils in making faster progress. The analysis is presented in clear tables and charts, enabling teachers to swiftly identify areas where students may be struggling. 

Arithmagicians offers a variety of classroom resources that teachers can download and utilise, such as teaching slides, certificates, display packs, and more. 

Arithmagicians has two versions: paper and online. The online version can be accessed through multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, iPads, and mobile phones, and can be completed by students at home or in class. The paper version is a great option when devices are not available. 

Arithmagicians can be utilised effectively both in-class and as homework, or even as a combination of both. 

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